This course focuses on the interaction of gender and sexuality with science, medicine, and technology. The goal of this course is to assist students in developing an understanding of the ways in which science has constructed our understanding of gender and sexuality since the nineteenth century, as well as the lived experiences of people within the scientific community who shape and navigate these concepts. To accomplish this goal, we will apply feminist theory, including feminist critiques of the history of medicine, psychology, and science, and gender theory, to an investigation of the evolution of scientific knowledge regarding gender and sexuality, as well as race, disability, and health. We will also explore the ways in which people, especially women, people of color, and transpeople have interacted with technology, shaped scientific discourse. In each course lecture and discussion, we will focus on a broad range of scientific fields, discourses, and narratives to construct a comprehensive understanding of the scientific knowledge and identity in the modern world. While the readings focus largely on American and Western examples and experiences, class discussions and presentations will expand the scope of this class considerably, allowing students to understand the global relationship of gender and science.
Grading Basis
LG/SNC Elective Basis
Lecture - Required
Course Attributes
Natural Science
Phil. Thinking or Ethics
Pmathic Ctext: Ethical/Pol
GSWS 0400
Academic Group
Dietrich Sch Arts and Sciences
Academic Organization
Gender Sexuality & Women's St
Pittsburgh Campus