This course is the second of three courses which will provide supervised practical experience in the area of sports science. It provides the students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge of sports science, performance, and testing/monitoring in an athletic setting. This involves planned learning experiences with an athletic team at various stages of the training program and season. Students will have opportunity to observe and then model the functions of a performance specialist. Through the combination of planned learning activities and professional interaction, the students will demonstrate increasing level of proficiency in providing and evaluating comprehensive training to athletes and teams within the athletic setting. Students will be assigned to their same primary site as the fall term; however, selected rotations outside of the primary site may be necessary to provide appropriate learning activities. This course will build on skills mastered in HRS 2626 and will provide the students supervised practical experiences to develop and master new skills including calculating and assessing athlete data and training regimens. During this course, the student will continue their Capstone project. This project will give each student the opportunity to work independently on a sports science or performance outcome with their practicum site. The project should focus on an area that is relevant to the field of sports science or the site's Sports Science/Performance Department's goals. This is a three-term project that will build on the project content from HRS 2626.
Grading Basis
Grad HSU Basis
Practicum - Required
HRS 2662
Academic Group
Sch of Hlth & Rehab Scs
Academic Organization
SHRS - Graduate Education
Pittsburgh Campus
Enrollment Requirements
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences students only.