This three-week immersive course is designed to give students a greater understanding of Ireland and Northern Ireland and the influence of the Irish language in Ireland today. Students will develop a new appreciation for Ireland's culture as we travel through the Emerald Isle, travelling from historic Belfast to cosmopolitan Dublin to the pastoral landscapes of Galway and beyond. This course is designed in two parts; first week you will travel to Belfast with Tony Novosel of the History Department at the University of Pittsburgh and explore the history and culture of Northern Ireland. For the remaining two weeks, you will travel in the company of your Irish-native instructor, throughout the island from the cosmopolitan vibrancy of Dublin to the more pastoral landscape of Galway and the Irish-speaking Gaeltacht beyond. In Ireland's capital, you will experience culture through live music, cuisine and a guided tour of the city. We will explore its history, meet with locals, and gain an understanding of Dublin's place in the world. On our westward journey, we will spend time in the City of the Tribes, Galway. This small pedestrian-friendly city is welcoming and accessible to travelers and has maintained its sense of "Irishness" throughout the Celtic Tiger boom years. Connecting here with the people and the language will enhance your cultural experience and allow you make those personal connections to the Island. Packed with activities and hands-on experience this course will give you a real-life experience, which will be invaluable to your appreciation of Ireland, the Irish language, its culture and people. Highlights will include Irish dance, Book of Kells, tour of government buildings, Gaelic football, conversing and engaging with native speakers and the "craic" of a traditional Irish music session. Ireland is changing and advancing while still maintaining a friendly close personal feel and this two-week course will allow students to see the past and present side by side.
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IRISH 1620
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