This course is an introduction to corporate financial management. The course builds on BFIN 2006 (introduction to financial management) to provide students with the conceptual framework and analytical tools necessary to appreciate, understand, and analyze the problems facing corporate financial managers. The course consists of four main parts. The first part develops the tools necessary to conduct the analysis of corporate finance problems. These tools include the analysis of data reported on financial statements, building pro-forma financial statements, the basics of put and call options, and an introduction to corporate valuation techniques. The second part of the course examines how managers set the two primary corporate financial policies: capital structure and payout policy (e.g. Dividends and share repurchases), and the process of restructuring in financial distress and bankruptcy. The third part of the course analyzes the process of issuing securities in the capital markets, including the role of the investment banker. Finally, the fourth part explores several aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including the motives for these transactions, the structure of the deal, and the role of private equity firms.
Grading Basis
Grad LG/SNC Basis
Lecture - Required
BFIN 2036
Academic Group
Katz Grad School of Business
Academic Organization
KGSB - Business Admin
Pittsburgh Campus
Enrollment Requirements
PREQ: BFIN 2006 or BFIN 2410; PROG: Joseph M. Katz Grad Sch Bus (PKATZ)
Typically Offered