This course is the same as GEOL 1335, but it fulfills the University Writing Requirement. Pittsburgh has had a checkered past when it comes to air quality issues, and faces an uncertain future. Once known as "hell with the lid off" due to industrial emissions, Pittsburgh and its environs once had some of the worst air in the nation. In 1948, a noxious cloud killed 22 in nearby Donora and sickened thousands. But Pittsburgh also became one of the first American cities to pass legislation aimed at cleaning its air. Today it faces a new threat from emissions from coal-burning utilities in Ohio and west Virginia. This course is one in a series that focuses on the history, progress and current events of environmental issues in southwestern Pennsylvania that also have application throughout the region and U.S. emphasis is on a balanced presentation of the issues, discussions of various approaches to solving problems and development of writing skills. To accomplish this, the course will (1) focus on a single environmental issue, (2) structure individual classes around a single aspect of that issue, (3) feature guest lectures and presentations by government regulators and policymakers, interest groups, corporate leaders and experts.
Grading Basis
LG/SNC Elective Basis
Lecture - Required
Course Attributes
Writing Intensive Course
GEOL 1336
Academic Group
Dietrich Sch Arts and Sciences
Academic Organization
Geology and Environmental Sci
Pittsburgh Campus
Enrollment Requirements
PLAN: Environ-Geology (BS, BPH) or Environ-Studies (BA, BPH) or Geology (BS, BPH) or Environ-Science (BS); PREQ: ENG 0102 or ENGCMP (0002 or 0006 or 0020 or 0200 or 0203 or 0205 or 0207 or 0208 or 0210 or 0212) or ENGFLM 0210 or FP (0003 or 0006)
Typically Offered